Spotlight on Our Cause: A commitment to a healthier community

Our Progress

$55,000 of $200,000

A commitment to a healthier community

Chronic disease, barriers to accessing health care, mental health and substance use are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.  These conditions are effecting more and more of our friends and family members every day. 

With our community partners, UM CRMC has performed a Community Health Needs Assessment to determine where there are gaps in health resources in our community and developed a comprehensive Charles County Health Improvement Plan to address these areas: All designed to get our community members well and keep them well. The top three areas identified are:

·        Access to Care: Seeks to improve access to a wide-range of health care services and programs close to home

·        Behavioral Health: Developing a network of community services that address mental health and substance use issues

·        Chronic Disease Prevention and Management: Addressing health issues such as diabetes, obesity,  heart disease, stroke, lung disease and cancer


And as the region’s provider of quality health care, we rely on philanthropy to help us advance our mission.  That’s why this year proceeds from fundraising are helping to fund important initiatives that will help improve health and well-being of our entire community.    

And in addition to supporting the community health improvement initiatives, you can also expect to see renovations to our Labor and Delivery Suites and the launch of a medical practice in Pembrooke Square in Waldorf which will bring specialty physicians from the University of Maryland to our community.  All of these efforts and will help ensure that your loved one or neighbor can count on expanded access to health care and resources as we commit to improving the health of our community.