5 Things That Can Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

Having a safe Halloween and having a fun Halloween aren’t mutually exclusive. Here are five things that can help ensure your kids stay safe as they trick-or-treat this year.

Choosing Face Paint Instead of Masks

Complete your child’s elaborate costume with face paint instead of a mask whenever possible. They’ll likely be more comfortable throughout their night of trick-or-treating, but more importantly, you won’t have to worry about anything obstructing their view as they walk from house to house.

Carrying Glow Sticks and/or Flashlights

Whether you’re accompanying your child or not, be sure they have a flashlight, glow stick or both to keep on while they’re trick-or-treating. It’ll help drivers see them crossing the street or along the side of the road as it starts getting darker outside.

Trick-or-Treating in Groups

You’ll have to make the judgment as to whether or not your child is old enough to go trick-or-treating with or without you. But if they’re ready to go out with their friends instead of a parent, be sure to insist that they stay in a group throughout the night.

Examining Treats for Choking Hazards or Tampering

Some candies may not be suitable for your children depending on their age. And the unfortunate reality is that you should always go through your child’s candy to check for evidence of tampering. You should always throw out any homemade candy and just stick to factory-made treats.

Knowing the Risks of Decorative Contact Lenses

Few things complete a costume quite like a pair of striking decorative contact lenses. But these lenses come with risks. If the lenses aren’t used properly or are obtained without a prescription, the wearer risks cutting/scratching the top layer of their eyeball, allergic reactions, decreased vision, infections and, in the most serious circumstances, blindness.

If you’re still willing to allow your children to wear these lenses, be sure to reference the vital “Dos and Don’ts” from the Food and Drug Administration.

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